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A specialized series of finish-at your-own-pace emailed workshop adventure activities, and 1:1 personal insight calls, designed to champion your spiritual evolution, and strengthen your creative powers in all areas.


Intentionally and joyfully navigate the maze, and amazement that is your unique life.






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Clear Your Path


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Deeply examine what no longer serves your spirit, mind, emotions, and physical life.  Use PLAY FOR LIFE approaches to effectively release interferences, and unconscious obstacles to your fulfillment, regardless of origin. Live in an energy field and vibration of more personal peace and freedom.

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You now have new clarity and breathing room to live your values and self-loving priorities.

Focusing on your wholeness from the inside out, with Spirit as your guide, you uplevel your decisiveness to express the visions you have for your life with increased trust in the outcomes.

Own Your Path

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Share Your Path

Here, loving passion and resolve guide giant steps into ways and areas you have never experienced before.

Broadly sharing your wisdom and creativity becomes a fulfilling priority.  Big dreams, and big results, as you exercise your infiniteness.

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Love Your Path


New consciousness, new actions, new you! Flaunt yourself, for yourself, and other people and lifeforms will benefit from your contagious vibration.

While celebrating, plan your next expansion, as you PLAY FOR LIFE.   

*Each cornerstone lasts 3 months. The full year includes 24 Adventures  &  24 1:1 Insight Calls.  

PLAY FOR LIFE includes deep self-inquiry; free-form artistic expressions; 4 square--spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical--action plans; self-designed ceremony; heart initiated living; and more. Process, practice, and progress, opens you to new levels of exhilaration, practicality, and effectiveness. My 40+ years of metaphysical studies; success as an intuitive/psychic and award-winning performing, literary, & visual artist; and internationally touring cultural workshop facilitator; has led me to create this cathartic series that supports each member's soul specific journey.



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Discover what is most important to and for you during your welcoming 1:1 exploration call.

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Receive your Play For Life workshop adventure activities emailed twice monthly, for self-paced completion.


Get personal support with two 30-minute monthly insight calls that broaden your perspectives, and bolster your actions.

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Celebrate your victories and progresses, small and large,

on our dedicated HabitShare platform. Keep your categories and goals private, or share with members for a gentle level of community accountability,  

and support.   

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Our Jam Board platform lets you interact with members with adventure results, insights, techniques, artistic expressions, connections, etc.  It's your creative world, go wild!

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Periodic Pop-Up Invitation-Only  Gatherings, include group intuitive readings,

Q & A, lively community adventures, occasional guest presenters, and surprises. Gatherings are recorded for the benefit of all members.

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*Join Annually and receive two 60-minute Intuitive Readings (or gift certificates) and one 1:1 Specialty Workshop during the year.


**Join Quarterly and receive one 1:1 Specialty Workshop.


***Join Monthly and receive one 1:1 Specialty Workshop after 4 continuous months. 

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Your sincere commitment and engagement will exponentially catapult you into more peace, personal power, accomplishment, and. . .

Fire-up Your Fun, Freedom, & Flourish.​  

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     Annual, Quarterly, & Monthly, Payments Accepted


 Can't Move Forward
 While Looking Back

The Joy of Hugging Yourself for Quick Emotional Release & Self Soothing


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"Anyone who expected a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek respite from the weighty conversations of the first day (of this conference) was in for a surprise…Karen Jones Meadows took the room to a whole other dimension. . ."  Andrea Orlando, Community Director, The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking, New York, NY

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"Karen Jones Meadows has a unique ability to create a safe and holding environment working within the group dynamic in a short time that is gentle yet powerful and energizing. She creates trust and takes people into their inner world without them even knowing because it is so safe. I went where I hadn't gone before by simply playing--my mind was at rest. I was surprised that I was jolted out of my old space and reached a new truth that day about what I really want for myself at my core. This workshop is a gift."  Pasha Hogan, Psychotherapist, Santa Fe, NM

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“My name is Jake Walker, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to Karen Jones Meadows. Being a huge fan, I volunteered for this job. I have beheld her powers, been enchanted by her words, been lifted by her insights, been moved by the depth of her talent, wisdom, fortitude, honor, and grace--not to mention that smile that plays on her face. . . Just know that if Karen is teaching, leading, doing an intuitive reading, or tackling any forms of art and information, that she knows what she’s doing.  As for my expertise about Karen, directing and touring her (our) theatrical, spiritual, smash-hit, Harriet’s Return: Based Upon the Legendary Life of Harriet Tubman, nationally and internationally, I got to witness a noble-one moving through the world.  Self-contained, and open-hearted, she graced spaces and moved people to tears, whether in interviews, with fans, or on stage, because Light was happening before our eyes.  Even among her peers considered to be “fat cats” she stands out…because some cats are Lions…”    Jake Walker, Citizen of the World

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“Karen Jones Meadows brought a powerful experience to attendees at Habitat for Humanity’s Beloved Community Concert, not an easy thing to do in a rowdy concert setting.  Karen’s focus and intention was infectious, as she mindfully guided the audience to envision a Beloved Community.  Karen personally created a beautiful gift bag for each person to use in the meditation and to take with them. When it was over, it was apparent that individuals were feeling more grounded and connected to one another.  It was awesome.”  Beth Goldman, Director of Resource Development, Habitat for Humanity, Albuquerque, NM   

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"An 'Every woman' of artistic talent, Karen Jones Meadows puts her heart and soul into her work and is superb at whatever she is determined or called to do. She is a master at helping adults and young people improve and sharpen their skills in verbal and written communication, self-expression, movement, relationship building, and spiritual awareness.  She is wonderful to work with, mainly because she is a patient and caring human being.  I highly recommend Karen’s workshops, lectures, and training sessions for individuals, businesses, schools, universities, and  organizations."  Shirley Farrar, Former Executive Director, Afro-American Cultural Center, Charlotte, NC  

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What a superbly awesome team building seminar!  The techniques Karen used gave each participant exactly what they needed to develop new practices in their businesses.  And it was great fun!" A. Challenor Channel Sources Sales & Merchandising, Inc., Chicago, IL​​

       Annual, Quarterly, & Monthly Payments Accepted

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Fire-Up Your Fun, Freedom, & Flourish!

Peace and pleasure,


​*All conveyed information during readings, workshops, and other interactions are suggestions, and are not to be considered counseling, therapy, or medical advice of any kind. Any actions taken by the participant is 100% the participant's responsibility. 

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